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RetroCapture CAPTCHA Image Generation

RetroCapture generates CAPTCHA security images. Protect your web-application from access by malicious web-robots using RetroCapture Lite at no charge. The versatile RetroCapture Pro application enables direct integration with Java web-application, can be run as an image server, and removed the logo that appears on RetroCapture Lite images.

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  • Written in Java(tm) (JDK-1.1 through JDK-1.5/JDK-5 compliant).
  • Producing high-quality images, RetroCapture will enhance the look of your web-application pages.
  • There is no use of the Java AWT so RetroCapture is suitable for use in 'headless' server-side environments.
  • Since it runs on the command line, RetroCapture can be used to generate CAPTCHA security images for web-applications written in any development language, not just in Java.

Click on the images below for a live example of RetroCapture Lite images used by a simple Perl CGI:

Try a Live Demo Now Try a Live Demo Now Try a Live Demo Now

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