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The Online Jargon File v4.4.7

Our web edition of The New Hackers Dictionary

An online Jargon File archive with a live jargon panel that you can add anywhere on your website, random jargon entries as an RSS feed, and other Hackers Dictionary resources.

Table of Contents
Welcome to the Jargon File
I. Introduction
II. The Jargon File Glossary
0 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Jump to a random Jargon entry
III. Appendices to the Jargon File
A. Hacker Folklore
B. A Portrait of J. Random Hacker
C. Helping Hacker Culture Grow
RSS feed of random Jargon File entries

Random Jargon Entries on your Web Site

You can add a live jargon file panel anywhere on your website:

Just copy this HTML code into your page:

Home of the Jargon File

The home of the Jargon File and its print version The New Hackers Dictionary is currently maintained by Eric S. Raymond. This augmented mirror of the Jargon File at is updated regularly from that site by an automated script.

An earlier version of the Jargon File is available, which better captures the PDP10 and Lisp cultures of the MIT and Stanford AI Labs where the File began as 'jargon-1'.

Here are some links to the Jargon File at its home site '':

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