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Comments From RetroGuard Users

"We develop a large information framework called XIS (Extensible Information Systems) for the Department of Defense. It includes the framework core APIs, plus a suite of pre-built extensions (data bridges and visualization tools), and in all includes several hundred Java classes. XIS is being used as a development platform by several Government projects and numerous Government contractors. We tried all of the obfuscators we could find, and RetroGuard was clearly the best. In fact, most of them failed in some way so that we could not use the other obfuscators to deploy our framework. And RetroGuard has other features that eclipse your competition, including code size. We are very pleased. "

Rich Kadel
SYS Technologies, Inc.

"We tried every obfuscator we could get our hands on - 15 of them in all. We needed a reliable, completely configurable, scriptable obfuscator that makes it possible to deal with inner classes, Java Beans, multiple code entry points, jar files, non-class files, and use of dynamic naming such as is found in Java's reflection API. Retrologic's RetroGuard is the only product that meets all of our needs. Furthermore, it creates smaller, faster code than its closest competitor, and our tests of its own speed and memory footprint show it to be approximately an order of magnitude better in each case. The support has also been fantastic: our feature requests during the beta period were honoured within a day of making them. RetroGuard is now automatically incorporated into the build process for all of our Java software. It is crucial for protecting our considerable investment in intellectual property. I heartily recommend RetroGuard to anyone who wants to be able to make money from their Java software."

Dr. Philip Mansfield, Research Department Head
Paradigm Development Corporation

RetroGuard is featured in the book 'J2ME Game Programming' by Martin Wells, and is recommended in 'MIDP for Java 2 Micro Edition' by C. Enrique Ortiz and Eric Giguere.

"RetroGuard is a great product. The built-in support for commercial build processes is second to none! Also, Retrologic's technical support really backs up the product with know-how. I look forward to hearing about future product enhancements."

Brian Blevins, Senior Software Engineer
Tridia Corporation

"We have found the RetroGuard obfuscator from Retrologic to be an easy, straight-forward solution to obfuscating our Streamstore database product and API.  The script file was particularly useful to us since we had to maintain both obfuscated and non-obfuscated classes.
Thanks RetroGuard!"

Jim Tivy, Director of Development
Bluestream Database Software Corp.

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