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RetroGuard Licensing

Retrologic Systems offers several license options for the RetroGuard for Java Obfuscator. Applying a principle of fair usage, we provide products which differ in their licensing depending on your intended use, though they share the same source code.

Thanks to this licensing model, we are able to produce superior software at a lower cost than fully proprietary vendors. We encourage you to fully test RetroGuard obfuscation on your project before purchasing. The volume of feedback we receive from the community of Open Source RetroGuard users ensures that any problems will be found and fixed quickly. That's one of the reasons why RetroGuard continues to be the most used Java obfuscator.

Our licensing options include:

  • Commercial License and Support Agreement: This license enables you to use RetroGuard Pro in a commercial development environment. To review the commercial license and support agreement, click here. For information on pricing and to purchase, click here.
  • Non-Commercial License: For those developing academic or other non-commercial applications, this license is the best choice. Using RetroGuard on non-commercial software may seem contradictory. However, many RetroGuard users are concerned with fast download of their code and with small-footprint MIDP platforms; they care about RetroGuard's code compression more than hiding their source code. To review RetroGuard Lite's non-commercial license, click here.
  • GNU General Public License: This license is useful for open-source tools developers who would like to integrate the RetroGuard Library with their software. To review the RetroGuard Library's Open Source License, click here.

We encourage commercial developers to test using RetroGuard Lite or by requesting an evaluation copy of RetroGuard Pro. Ensure RetroGuard meets your requirements, and even inspect RetroGuard's source code via the GPL RetroGuard Library, and then purchase the commercial licenses required for each of your build servers. Commercially licensed users receive a commercially supported product with assurances of performance from Retrologic.

Here are some licensing guidelines:

  • If you distribute a proprietary application in any way, you should purchase a commercial license for RetroGuard.
  • If you request assistance from Retrologic Systems when using RetroGuard and your product is commercial, it is necessary to purchase a commercial license and support agreement before support can be provided.
  • If you are unsure, we recommend that you subscribe to the commercial license. This ensures that support will be available during your use of our bytecode obfuscator, and it is also the fair policy. After all, as a commercial software developer, you also intend to profit fairly from licensing your software.
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